About Us

Philosophy is the creation of celebrated Cape Town designer, Jenni Button. She creates clothing with an international, career woman in mind.

Every collection is designed, perfected , patterned, cut and sewn in-house. The exclusive production process is a collaborative philosophy of Jenni’s keen eye for detail, her skills as a designer, her pattern makers, printers and seamstresses and sales team. Each piece is manufactured in Cape Town and bears a proud South African label.

Philosophy’s wearable works of art are print recognizable and streamlined to the female form , thus creating feminine body art. Her sophisticated use of juxtaposed print and vibrant color transforms the wearer from simply “clothed” to the desirable, and often sexy “feel good” factor.

Embracing fashion isn't just about clothes: It's embracing your confidence and power as a woman.
Own your own style and let your inner strength shine.